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Slanetrac HS Series Mini Digger Saw Head Attachment

Introducing the Slanetrac Mini Digger Saw Head Attachment, a game-changer in the functionality of excavators. Designed to enhance the versatility and efficiency of your mini digger or excavator, this attachment offers two exceptional options: the HS55 and HS75.

The HS55 Saw Head is a powerful companion for mini diggers and excavators that delivers outstanding performance. Its cutting-edge technology ensures precision and accuracy, allowing you to effortlessly tackle various cutting tasks with ease. From tree branches to thick brush, the HS55 effortlessly slashes through obstacles, saving you valuable time and effort on your construction projects.

For those seeking unparalleled strength and capability in larger machines, the HS75 Saw Head is the ultimate choice. Suitable for JCB excavators, this heavy-duty attachment boasts a robust design, enabling it to handle even the most demanding cutting jobs. With its unmatched power, the HS75 guarantees exceptional results, allowing you to conquer any challenging task that comes your way.

At Slanetrac, our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is unwavering. We have meticulously designed the HS  Saw Head Attachment range with the needs of our valued customers in mind, ensuring durability, reliability, and optimum performance. Whether you opt for the HS55 or HS75 option, you can trust that our attachment will exceed your expectations and empower your mini digger or excavator  to accomplish more.


HS55 Saw Head

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HS75 Saw Head

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