FH Series Mini Digger Flail Cutter Attachment

The Slanetrac FH Series Mini Digger Flail Cutter Attachment is designed for mini diggers from 1.5 ton to 7.5 ton.


Flail Cutter Overview

Available in 800mm and 1000mm options there is a Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Flail Cutter Attachment to suit a wide range of machines. The robust low maintenance Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Flail Cutter has individually replaceable cutting blades come supplied with adjustable mounting brackets to suit your particular machine and hydraulic pipes to connect to your machines rock breaker lines for fast effortless installation.

Designed to allow cutting to take place at any angle between horizontal and vertical via the adjustable mounting bracket it allows the operator better access to those hard to get places like behind fences and allows the operator to cut close to and around obstacles.

With a cutting area of up to 1000mm the Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter offers clean cutting of scrub, gorse, briars  and overgrown grass areas.

Technical Information

Machine Carrier – 1.5T – 2.5T

Oil Flow: 20L – 30L

Model: FH-80

Cutting Diameter: 800mm

Machine Carrier – 2.8T – 7.5T

Oil Flow: 50L – 90L

Model: FH-1000

Cutting Diameter: 1000mm

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800mm or 1000mm options


Individually Replaceable Cutting Blades


Connect to Rock Breaker Lines

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